Gray Water Boys 2017: Antietam Creek & Potomac River – A Canoe Trip Nowhere Close to Anchorage or Eagle River

For this week’s post we’re taking a break from senior pictures, dance, and family portraits in and around Eagle River and Anchorage.

In 1947 the Gray brothers canoed most of the length of the Potomac River. An account of their trip would be published in the National Geographic Magazine in June of 1948. This trip, in a much shorter form, became an annual late spring family tradition. Over the decades the trip grew and the ‘family’ that particpates has expanded to include many friends. Fifty-some years ago Vern Gray invited my father to attend. He has canoed in almost all of the trips since 1965. My brothers, brother-in-law, cousins, and nephews began attending the trips at various times beginning in 1978. In many ways this is a defacto family mini-reunion. The Gray family swears we haven’t ruined everything. It is an extended weekend of music, stories, and family.

This year was the 70th anniversary of the original trip. Tom Gray, our organizer, selected a trip that began on Antietam Creek and ended on the Potomac river – where all this started. Unlike the deluge of 2016, we had perfect weather for our three-day event. As usual it was a great weekend.

All of the slideshow photographs are in a gallery at this link: Gray Water Boys Photo Gallery 2017

If you are a Gray Water Boy (past or present), friend, or family member feel free to download any of the slideshow photographs from the gallery.  If not, don’t even think about it…..


12 Responses to “Gray Water Boys 2017: Antietam Creek & Potomac River – A Canoe Trip Nowhere Close to Anchorage or Eagle River”

  1. Kerry J McCullough says:

    I will never forget our times at scout camp and your Dad and I couldn’t be beaten. He would never let me turn around to see how he did it, just told me to paddle as hard as I could and he guaranteed we’d never lose. Well, we never did and I still don’t know the secret after all of these years.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, really brings back some great memories of our time in scouts together!

    • Marco says:

      Kerry, I’ll remind him. He’ll be happy to hear that you remember that. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!

  2. Nancy E Trubach says:

    Wow this was Beautiful!

    • Marco says:

      Thank you Nancy. This is a very pastoral area about 90 minutes northwest of Washington DC. A portion of Antietam Creek actually flows through the battlefield.

  3. Pat Wrighy says:

    Amazing!!! Great to see Ola there!

    • Marco says:

      Thanks Patsy. He really enjoys these trips, even when I manage to dump him in the river. Not saying that happened this year, since there are no photos to prove it….

  4. chester gray says:

    Always a great job for the River Rats !! thanks from us all- CHG

  5. Pete says:

    Not enough pictures of me !!!!!! Really a great job of documenting a particularly unique event.

  6. Tom Gray says:

    Thank you, Marco, for the excellent photos.

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