Jenna ~ Class of 2018 Eagle River High School Senior Pictures

Jenna’s Senior Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we drove down to the Turnagain Arm for Jenna’s Senior Pictures. We started at McHugh Creek and ended at Beluga Point. The weather that evening was warm and sunny, almost too warm and sunny, but we are not complaining! As a result of the plan we made for the shoot with Jenna and her mom Cathy, we created some beautiful senior pictures with Jenna. It is just as much fun planning for the shoot as it is doing the photography. Another successful session with Jenna, more about that in a bit!



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Eagle River High School girl senior pictures leaning against rocks

Jenna (Eagle River High School) is really looking serious here by the rocks at low tide.


Jenna (Eagle River High School girl) senior pictures headshot taken at McHugh Creek.

We love this headshot taken of Jenna (Eagle River High School) at McHugh Creek.

Because Jenna is a member of our 2018 Senior Model Program this year, we had the chance to photograph her earlier this year. Just like during her portfolio shoot with us, she was up for whatever we asked her to do, whether sitting in a grassy meadow that looked beautiful but was a little buggy to climbing up on rocks in her heels and a dress. She was all in. And most of all, we think it was a lot of fun working together to create her senior photos and capture a memory of her senior year. 

Senior pictures of Jenna (Eagle River High School Girl) standing on cliff overlooking the ocean

Jenna (Eagle River High School) standing on cliff overlooking the Turnagain Arm. She looks very regal.


Eagle River high school girl senior pictures recling by mountains

Here she is reclining at the McHugh Creek overlook during her senior pictures. She looks lovely.


Eagle River High school girl laying in grass for senior pictures

We found this patch of grass near Beluga Point.  Love how Jenna (Eagle River High School) is posing in it for her senior pictures

About Jenna

First of all, Jenna is such a funny, smart and friendly person. She can be quiet, but she really does have a great sense of humor. So her creative approach to her senior pictures was not a surprise. And, of course, she is a beautiful young woman as well as someone easy to work with.

This lady is a member of the class of 2018 at Eagle River High School. Jenna is another multi talented person. She plays varsity basketball, plays the flute and her friends describe her as adventurous. Her goal and dream job is to become an anesthesiologist. She is very smart and we have not doubt she will meet that goal. Seems like a great fit for this gal.

We hope you enjoy some of her senior pictures, let us know what you think!

Eagle River High School girl Senior pictures by ocean.

Jenna on the Turnagain Arm at sunset for her senior pictures, love how the wind is blowing her hair.

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