Rebekah ~ Class of 2018 Chugiak High School Senior Photos in Eagle River, Chugiak & Anchorage

We had no idea Rebekah could look so much like a wood nymph! But boy she does indeed look fairy like in these photographs, she absolutely nailed it. Believe it or not though, Rebekah isn’t really a fairy and she was definitely cold! Turns out being a human out in the snow with a thin dress on isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Never-the-less, she held out until the very end and was a trooper. A frozen trooper, but a trooper all the same.

Rebekah is a 2018 Senior at Chugiak High School and a part of our Model and Ambassador program. Don’t think we could ever get a bad photo of this girl, we are so very excited to work with her this summer to create her senior portraits. However, until then, enjoy some more photos from her portfolio shoot below!


Class of 2018? Click here for information on Senior Pictures!

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