Memories Making Your Own – Summertime in Alaska

Both of us grew up in the lower 48, one in Massachusetts, the other in Ohio. Summers for each of us hold memories that we enjoy reminiscing about, and one thing that comes up in our conversations frequently is memories of the smells of summer. It is amazing how the sense of smell brings us back to that time when…… We close our eyes for a couple of seconds and take a deeper breath and smile. Then we share with each other a piece of life that happened before we became “us”. Thoughts of summer jobs, working at camp, hanging with friends at our favorite places, marching band practice, quiet walks, canoeing on the lake, all come flooding back. It’s a pleasant experience, nostalgic and sweet.

Winner Creek passing under trail footbridge at Winner Creek Gorge Alaska a great place to make new memories


Now, after living together in Alaska for more than 20 years, we have memories that are unique to this great land. We love walking through the woods and the mountains. The foliage and greenery in the summer creates a variety of smells. Some of them are wonderful. We can’t always describe it well in words, but it is pleasing. Pleasing because we really like how it smells? Or is it pleasing because we are creating our own memories? Maybe it doesn’t matter why. Whether we are walking through tall grass and cow’s parsnip and then in the tundra on a mountain range; or walking through the food vendors at the Bear Paw Festival our senses are full. We love it all. It reminds us to stop and take a moment and enjoy the beauty, the time together and to remember that time when we ……..

Get out there and enjoy your summer. Whether in the woods, the mountains or wandering downtown on 4th Avenue by all the hot dog stands. Take a moment, breath and remember….

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