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2023 Bear Paw Festival Photography Contest

Preparing Your Photograph for Display in the Exhibit

Congratulations on having your photographic work selected for this year’s Bear Paw Festival Photography Exhibit! You can be justifiably proud to have your image chosen by the panel of judges.

Now that your work will be in the show, you need to prepare it for display at Jitters.

<< If you do not prepare your photograph for display in accordance with the following instructions, it will NOT be displayed. No exceptions. >>

2023 Bear Paw Festival Photography Contest Hanging Instructions

1  General

  1. The exhibit will be on display at Jitters from July 1, 2023 through August 1, 2023 The closing date may vary by a day or two based schedule changes at Jitters.
  2. You must deliver your ready to hang (printed and mounted – see details below) photographs to Gutierrez Photography.
    • You can drop off your work on the following days between the hours  of 11:00am and 7:00pm.
      • Monday, June 26 through Thursday, June 29 from 11:00am until 7:00pm
      • Friday, June 30, from 11:00am until 2:00pm.
    • If you are unable to deliver your work during these times, call 907.727.1284 Monday through Friday 11am to 7pm to make other arrangements.
  3. After the exhibit closes (approximately August 1, 2023) your photographs must be picked up no later than August 7, 2023 at Gutierrez Photography, 11823 Old Glenn Hwy, Eagle River, AK 99577.
    • We will discard any photographs not claimed by this deadline.
    • If you are unable to pick up your photograph during these times other arrangements must be made ahead of time by calling Gutierrez Photography at 907.727.1284.
  4. The Eagle River Camera Club, Gutierrez Photography, Jitters and Bear Paw Festival are not responsible for any damages to prints or print framing that may occur during transport, hanging, display, or take down of the exhibit pieces.

2  Big No-No’s! Things to Avoid When Framing and Mounting

  1. DO NOT use clips, hooks, eyelets, saw tooth hangers, float mounts, or any other similar hardware.
  2. The photos below provide some examples of hanging hardware that is NOT acceptable.
  3. Photographs delivered using this type of hardware will not be hung or displayed at Jitters.
  4. If you have questions about the hanging hardware you plan to use, call Gutierrez Photography (907.727.1284).

3  Mounting and Framing for Display in the Exhibit

  1. Photographs selected for inclusion in the exhibit must be prepared in one of the following ways:
    • Framed – use a sturdy metal or wood frame. Glazing is not required. However, any glazing material (Plexiglas, acrylic, glass) is acceptable should you decide to use glazing in the frame. The color and style of the frame and matting for the print is at your discretion.
    • Metal Prints
    • Acrylic Prints
    • Canvas Prints
  2. Attach a wire hanger sturdy enough to support the piece however you choose to mount and frame it. See the photos below for examples of how to attach the hanging wire to your work.
  3. When you pull the attached wire towards the top of the frame, it should come no closer to the edge than three (3) inches. The goal is to have the top of the wire at 1/3 the length of the piece from the top.
  4. No part of the hanging hardware or wire can extend beyond the frame or mount. When the item is hung on the wall no wire can be visible.
  5. Attach rubber bumpers to the lower corners of the framed prints
  6. Identifying marks, signatures, watermarks, and logos are permitted on either the print or mat.
  7. Include your name and phone number on the back of your photo. Do not use a Post-It note to do this, they have a tendency to fall off.

4  Offering Your Work for Sale

  1. You have the option to sell the photograph you have on display. You can offer the item itself that is on display or you can sell copies.
  2. If you decide to sell your work you must let us know via email no later than 6:00pm on June 26, 2022 that you intend to do so. Include the following information in your email
    • Title of the photo for sale
    • Is the item on display for sale, copies of the print, or both
    • Price of each version for sale
    • Contact us using
  3. Jitters will handle the sales transaction and will charge a 20% commission.
  4. Photographers should consider the material costs (print, matt, frame), profit, and commission in setting the price for photographs they choose to sell.

5  Responsibility of Photographs

  1. No person affiliated with the Eagle River Camera Club, Jitters, Gutierrez Photography or this contest will be responsible for lost or damaged photographs.
  2. Damage to the framed photograph may occur during exhibition of photographs. This is to be expected and is considered an anticipated hazard for all submissions.

6  For more information

  • Contact Gutierrez Photography (907) 727-1284 Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm

The Bear Paw Festival is held by the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce. The Photography Contest is held in conjunction with Bear Paw Festival but is managed and sponsored by Eagle River Camera Club. All queries about this contest should be directed to Gutierrez Photography at 907.727.1284