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Becky Birch-Gutierrez

Eagle River Camera Club Featured Photographer for February 2020

Photographer’s Statement

My darling mother in law always said make sure you keep your camera with you all the time for when you see something that inspires you. Well, great advice it was, and I tried to make sure my DSLR was always with me, but eventually, I gave into the “lazy” of leaving it behind.

Fast forward to phones with cameras. With each new model of the iPhone, I noticed better quality and began to enjoy experimenting with what the phone camera has to offer. And then I discovered that Photoshop has an app. Well, that made it even more fun for me. These photos were all taken with my iPhone X. Most of them were processed and manipulated on my phone with the Photoshop app. I am hooked. Don’t worry, I still love and do use my Canon DSLR. And I have no intentions of giving it up. But the ease of a literally lighter approach to this art and my interaction with it, does have some appeal.

This past fall, I became intrigued with the frost on the leaves in our yard on my way into the studio one morning. Over the next several days, I spent some time looking for fun and interesting compositions. I started looking for other places and found another spot along Eagle River Road that was also a treasure trove of subject matter. I have always been drawn to micro landscapes. I did take a somewhat abstract approach to some of them(another approach I am passionate about).

I hope you enjoy seeing these. These are some of my favorites.


Eagle River Camera Club Featured Photographer February 2020 ~ Becky Birch-Gutierrez