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Pacific Rim Athletics December 2022 Photo Session

We are looking forward to photographing your athlete (or athletes) on December 2nd at Pacific Rim Athletics.

You’ll be receiving two versions of the photo we take of each athlete: a fully retouched printable file and a file prepared to post on webpages and social media platforms.

The information we’re collecting here will allow us to deliver the finished photograph files to you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with us by calling (907) 727-1284 or emailing us at

      11823 Old Glenn Hwy, Suite 107
      Eagle River, AK 99577

    Athlete's Name(s) - If you have multiple athletes we'll be photographing enter all their names in the box together, just separate them using a comma


    Parent's Name


    We'll be sending you the finished photograph files by email. What email address would you like us to use?


    From time to time we experience technical problems in sending emails to some addresses. If this happens we call or text to clear things up. In the event this becomes necessary, what number should we use?


    Is it okay for us (Gutierrez Photography) to post a photo we take of your child during the session to our Instagram and Facebook accounts?

    If you give us permission to post to our account we are happy to tag you if you provide your account information