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Let’s Go Tubing!

(Part 2 with some Friday Options)

Let’s Go Tubing! pt2

We’re going to try this poll one more time.

In the last set of options we overlooked a few possibilities on Fridays. We didn’t remember that for many of you there is no school on Friday, March 4th. 

So we added a few choices for Friday to the options.

Just a reminder that we cover the cost for all of the program members and one friend to participate. We’ll also have snacks and drinks available. 

Our first step is to select the day and time for our tubing event. The session lasts for 90 minutes. We’ll go with the day and time that gets the most votes.

Once we’ve collectively selected our day and time, we’ll have you sign up to let us know if you’re going to attend and if you’re bringing a friend.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.