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The Big Reveal – Class of 2024

Senior Ambassador Program

Each spring a group of high school Juniors join our Senior Ambassador Program. These students become the face of our business for their Senior year. In exchange for providing their talent, energy, and time they receive several photo sessions instead of the normal single Senior session.

In the late spring of their Junior year we photograph each of these students to create a variety of looks and photographic style examples for our studio. We use the results of these ‘portfolio’ sessions to create initial photos to share on social media. More importantly, we select one photograph from each session to print and hang on our studio wall for the year. We refer to this display as “The Wall” and we debut these images at an event we call “The Big Reveal”.

Every one of the Ambassadors this year were absolutely fantastic in helping us create these looks. The result is The Big Reveal. This year’s is one of the best we have done. So many wonderful different photos of our members. We hope you enjoy it and encourage you to share it with others!

This year’s event was interesting to say the least. For the last several year’s we’ve held The Big Reveal at the Century 16 Movie Theater in Anchorage. The Big Reveal itself is a 12 minute slideshow of the photos we selected from each of the portfolio sessions. Imediately after the slideshow we view a feature film selected by our Ambassadors. This year they chose “Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse”. Just as we were getting ready to view The Big Reveal slideshow, the theater and several blocks of Anchorage lost power due to an automobile accident. Everything was delayed about 45 minutes while we waited for power to be restored and the theater staff to reboot the equipment. Due to a glitch in all of this The Big Reveal slideshow skipped the last two minutes of the slideshow that presented the photos selected for The Wall. Rather than fuss with the gear we moved ahead with viewing the movie. Everyone in attendance was incredibly patient and understanding.

You can watch The Big Reveal slideshow in it’s entirety below or follow this link to view just the portion we missed during the presentation. The Wall

We are so pleased and excited to share our 2024 Senior Ambassador with you.

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