Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Family - Alyson Sean 077In today’s day and age just about everyone has a camera phone at the ready. We are constantly taking pictures with our phones of every little thing we experience.

Therefore, when people start researching the cost of hiring a professional photographer, they experience extreme sticker shock. They think to themselves, “why should I hire a photographer when I can just do the job myself?”. This is a common misconception. A lot more goes into getting the right picture for you than just snapping a photograph. So why should you bother with hiring a professional photographer?

1. It’s Not Just a Simple Click of The Shutter Button

We keep the camera in manual so we are telling the camera what shot to take and how, rather than the camera’s sensors telling us. We know the right angles and lighting to place our clients in so the pictures come out great every time. The only way you are going to catch a sky magnificently lit up behind you is with the right tools and equipment. Just an expensive camera alone, won’t capture that image and do it justice.

2. Hours are Spent Behind the Scenes

Not only do we spend hours getting to know our clients, discussing their needs, then holding a shoot, but we also spend many long hours behind the scenes. After we have taken hundreds of photos of a client, we must sort through them all, narrowing down the best options. We then spend countless hours carefully editing each photo selected down to the finest detail. We are perfectionists and we want each photo to reflect this.

3. The Importance of a Memory

Yes, hiring a friend is cheaper. However, usually this results in a few nice photos, and someone being disappointed in the result. A newborn’s first week of life, or your high school senior becoming an adult, are all huge moments. With a photo being the only lasting way to capture these moments, you want something you can cherish forever, rather than being disappointed in the end result.

We hope you find this article enlightening if you have been resistant to professional photography. We also hope you find truth in this article if you have hired a professional photographer in the past. Please share your thoughts with us, and if you have any questions or are interested in a photography session, please give us a call at 727-1284.